Gypsophila or Gyp in florist slang! is oh so pretty! What was so out of fashion has made a strong come back over the years. We all remember old pictures of Nana on her wedding day, gyp and carnation bouquet in hand, as much as we all use to look back at those pictures and think YUCK how terribly old fashioned! we now know as "vintage" and is still in force and still taking our brides by storm, we again appreciate this delicate foofy little gem. Brides now love to hold bouquets full of gyp, they like a beautiful mixed hand tied with gyp scattered through and over giving a slightly feminine gone wild look. They, like me love the gyp.

Here at Our flowers we have made many gyp bouquets and many to include gyp, I put it in buttonholes and corsages, I make little flower girl circlets and brides and maids flowers crowns - the options are endless.