The bride on a budget..

Aren't we all on a budget these days? coffee is expensive, petrol is expensive, life is expensive, cheap wine is expensive and well weddings are unfortunately blimming expensive. 

As a florist and flower adorer I'm really happy and proud to see flowers have made such a come back over the last few years, going back 5-10 years flowers went through a bit of a lull at weddings. Every bride always had her bouquet and groom a buttonhole but table flowers were left to a minimum if any and over the last few years the popularity for flowers and lots of them has returned - this I love! I dont mean for my business benefit either, I mean because flowers are the beautiful necessary detail that compliments the bridal gown, that give the nervous maids something to do with their hands, that makes your handsome groom a gentlemen, that makes your Father proud, your Mother feel ready, your flower girl behave, your tables look dressed and your venue memorable. All of this though unfortunately comes at a cost, a cost sometimes which for non usual flower buyers can be a huge shock! Flowers are not cheap and this makes no one more sad than myself. I wish I could grow beautiful flowers and not make them so expensive, I wish I could give them away as that's what they are most often brought for - gifts to well deserving people but reality is that beauty does in actual fact come at a cost. BOOHOOOO BOOHOOO Sob sob sob. 

These are a few of my tips to get you through, they may be handy or they may not so I will let you be the judge x

Bouquets - save on maids to add more value to your bouquet. You as a bride should never feel you have to save here, if you take a $20-$30 off all the bouquets and then add to your bouquet you can still have something stunning and what you always dreamed of holding. Your bridemaids will still look beautiful holding a smaller or simpler version and lets face it all eyes are on you in the end, the girls need to hold something but they don't need the earth. 

Let your florist do the deciding - don't panic, I don't mean let them take over your wedding, choose colours, create themes etc I mean you give them a guide, tell them your colours, your style, a few of your favourite flowers and then let them work their magic. As I have mentioned more than once flowers are expensive but your florist knows whats cheaper on the market floor and they are professional so trust them, they wont pick you something that is not going to suit your wedding. 

Buttonholes and corsages - no one needs a corsage full stop. Gorgeous buttonholes can be made feminine and manly so there is no real need to go over the top. Ask your Mum what  shes wearing, a buttonhole is not going to work on beautiful flowing chiffon dress and will only leave marks on her expensive silk blouse. DO NOT leave Nana out - Nana's are very very proud to see their grandchildren marry and they like tradition if they admit this to you or not. She will love to feel included with a buttonhole.   

Tables and venue - I have done up flower buckets for some of my brides, they let the family take over the tables and go a bit wild, this is great for the creative types but if your not that way inclined so instead I would suggest greenery. I big swag of lovely greenery looks romantic and lush, you can a few flowers to the middle or candles through out. Swags are still a florist job but can be a money saver. Or 3 simple vases with small clusters of flowers disorderly placed at different levels. Or raid Mums/Grandmas garden, not only will you find some interesting gems Mum will also take great pride in letting everyone know they came from HER garden. Lastly some plants ie pansies or succulents - in bowls with some lovely pebbles can look stunning and kept as a lovely memory of the day.


Well these are my tip to help keep the cost down, if you want more help or tips then get intouch x